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Our language translation service is designed to assist individuals and organizations in translating a wide range of documents and materials from Arabic, Chinese, German, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, Telegu, and Hindi into English. Our experienced translators are native speakers of both the source and target languages and have a deep understanding of the nuances and subtleties of language and culture. We can assist you in translating academic papers, research reports, business documents, marketing materials, and other types of content with accuracy, clarity, and cultural sensitivity. Our language translation service can help you overcome language barriers and reach a wider audience with your message. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with your language translation needs.

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पात्रता का आकलन किया गया और सहमति प्राप्त की गई। उपचार करने वाले ऑन्कोलॉजिस्ट ने मेटास्टैटिक घाव से बायोप्सी प्राप्त करने से पहले, उनकी उपचार योजना और प्रस्तावित प्रारंभ तिथि निर्धारित करने के लिए एक प्रश्नावली पूरी की। एक बार बायोप्सी के परिणाम उपलब्ध होने के बाद, ऑन्कोलॉजिस्ट का फिर से यह निर्धारित करने के लिए सर्वेक्षण किया गया कि क्या बायोप्सी परिणामों के आधार पर उनकी उपचार योजना बदल गई है और उपचार की वास्तविक प्रारंभ तिथि निर्धारित करने के लिए। प्रक्रियात्मक सफलता दर का मूल्यांकन बायोप्सी के अनुपात के रूप में प्राथमिक और मेटास्टेसिस की मिलान की गई हिस्टोपैथोलॉजिकल परीक्षाओं की संख्या के रूप में किया गया था। चिकित्सा में देरी का मूल्यांकन प्रस्तावित और वास्तविक उपचार प्रारंभ तिथियों के बीच की अवधि के रूप में किया गया था। प्रश्नावली का उपयोग करके रोगी की संतुष्टि का आकलन किया गया था, जो क्लिनिक अनुवर्ती के समय सभी सहमति देने वाली महिलाओं को दी गई थी; बायोप्सी प्रक्रिया और अन्य महिलाओं को मेटास्टैटिक बायोप्सी की सिफारिश करने की इच्छा के परिणामस्वरूप इन प्रतिकूल प्रभावों का मूल्यांकन किया गया


Eligibility was assessed and consent obtained. The treating oncologist completed a questionnaire, before obtaining a biopsy from a metastatic lesion, to determine their treatment plan and the proposed start date. Once biopsy results were available, oncologists were again surveyed to determine whether their treatment plan had changed based on the biopsy results and to determine the actual start date of treatment. Procedural success rate was assessed as the number of matched histopathologic examinations of primary and metastasis as a proportion of biopsies undertaken. Delay of therapy was evaluated as the duration between the proposed and actual treatment start dates. Patient satisfaction was assessed using questionnaires, which were administered to all consenting women at the time of clinic follow-up; these evaluated adverse effects resulting from the biopsy procedure and willingness to recommend metastatic biopsy to other women

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What are the additional services you offer for translated manuscripts?

In addition to our standard translation service, we provide free formatting, grammar check, and one round of free editing for all translated documents. This means that we will make sure that your document is properly formatted and all grammar errors are corrected before delivery. Furthermore, we will provide one round of editing after the translation is complete to ensure that the translated content is accurate and conveys the intended meaning.

We understand the importance of quality in translations and are committed to providing you with a final product that meets your expectations. Our additional services are designed to provide you with peace of mind and save you time in the editing process. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or if you would like to discuss your translation needs.

What types of English language styles do you employ when editing?

We will use both American English and British English styles. You can select your preferred language style.